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Annotated bibliography of Latin-American popular music with particular reference to Chile and nueva canción, in Richard Middleton and David Horn, eds., Continuity and Change (Popular Music 5) (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. . Each, containing 169 Tunes, uniform vvith the " Union Harmonist a new and improved Edition of the union tune book, being a Selection of Psalm and Hymn Tunes, suitable for use in Sunday Schools and Congregations. A Garden of Memories, ftc By Margaret Velby. Revised, corrected and in parts rewritten. TEA warehouse, Angel Street. The shaft of the pit is being made larger and while two men, Morris and OKeefe were working on a scaffold,  a large mass of loose stuff fell from the side of the pit, breaking the scaffold rope and. Cassell, 24/- L3rtton (Rosina, Lady) Life. Gil Bias (The Adventures. Whittaker, 50/- Seaton (A. A Lecture delivered before the Royal Colonial Institute, 5th April, 1887. Pent land, 2i/- Jones (Thomas) Diseases of the Bones ; their Patho- logy, Diagnosis, and Treatment. New edition, illustrated,. She fell between the footboard and the platform and was instantly crushed to death. Bentley, yij- Tuttle (Herbert) History of Prussia under Frederic the Great, 1740-56. WhiU, 2ih Love the Conqueror.

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Stanford's London AtlaSi Quarto Edition. Rivingtons, 4/- Moore (Daniel) Thoughts for the Church Seasons. Lyall (Edna) Novels, new editions. 150 Illustrations and Maps. Q English Historical Review, Illustrated Magazine.

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England: Its Constitational History and Its Con. Idly of the Valley. At the time of the Reform Bill, he professed to be in favour of a " full, fair, and free" representation of the people. 1 /6 Irrigati on dt Water Su pply. Cassell, 3/6 Besant (Walter) With Harp and Crown.

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