Sunshine thai massage underkläder plus size

sunshine thai massage underkläder plus size

for this, but if you are using scissors, be sure to pin well before cutting.  Be sure to keep your pattern and make any adjustments needed so that the next time you make them they will be just as lovely.  To create the lining pattern piece, make your pattern the exact same size as the lower part of the front piece, yet keep the length the same as the piece you cut from your pattern underwear. Cut Pattern from Fabric :. If it has less stretch than your pattern underwear, consider tracing your pattern a bit larger than your pattern underwear (also add seam allowance). .  Cut out your pattern pieces from your fabric take care to place the patterns on the fabric so that they will stretch the most from side to side rather than top to bottom. . sunshine thai massage underkläder plus size Ill pick a winner next Wednesday, March 17th.  You will be tracing your pattern on the fold so as to create a symmetric pattern piece:.  Before cutting, determine how stretchy your jersey. .  At this point you can serge with a rolled hem around all of the pieces, but this is not necessary, since jersey will not fray and all edges will be covered by the lace. Stitch along the bottom edge (marked in orange) using a seam allowance. stitch along the two side seams (marked in orange using a inch seam allowance.  Using a zig zag stitch, stretch the trim so that it sits straight onto the fabric (see my demo video posted below).

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  1.  Bring the front and back pieces together, right sides together. .

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